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Message started by ggn on 27.02.07 at 13:48:09

Title: Re: The wish list thread
Post by Snoopy on 22.04.07 at 00:07:30
NZ story, Pang, Wild Wheels, Robocop 3,(below) Xybots, Exterminator, Robin Hood, Leander, Pegasus, Wolf Child, SuperCars, Harlequin, Altered Beast(▒), Marble Madness, Cisco heat?, Chase hq, Silkworm, batman, F19 stealth fighter, Grand Prix Circuit(Accolade), silent service works no patch. Hover Sprint. (spin)dizzy, bmx/atv sim. rampage , rampart , llamatron. ,Storm, Rolling Thunder, Apache Flight, Altered Beast, I Ball, Turrican 2 ,cauldron. ik+, Final Fight. (any neogeo) lure of the temptress, Power Drift , Hard Drivin (Race), Psyborg, Space Harrier st and ste/arcade release......tbc......
Silent Service II, Midwinter, Bumpys Arcade,Rodland!, F1 Domark, F1GP Microprose, Gran Turismo, Pacmania, Pro PowerBoat Sim, Wings of Death, DISC, Sqweek, Super Sqweek, Double Dragon 1 - 3 ,
Silkworm, Lotus 1-3,Shadow Dancer, Tiger Heli , Volified, Qix, Medieval Chess,
Cool Croc Twins, Steel Empire, Shadowlands. Dogs of War, Rolling Ronny, The Godfather.

Indy Heat Sales Curve Unknown 1991 áNo

Cover disk demo works on falcon - no patching

Stun Runner @16mhz?

The Test Drive series - i guess might run nice at 16mhz?

Does Grand Prix Circuit - Accolade - exist anywhere for the Atari?

Xybots - music+game(work)---------------------------------
Might it be possible to include the 'icecream' sample as featured on the amaiga in the ST version of Speedball II?
The Chaos Engine!

More additions - Moon Patrol

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