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Message started by ggn on 27.02.07 at 13:48:09

Title: Re: The wish list thread
Post by Heavy Stylus on 16.05.07 at 12:19:04

CJ wrote on 01.05.07 at 22:09:37:
Well, if you'd like to actually write Gauntlet III then I'm sure building in 030 support from scratch would be easier than patching it at a later stage....


As for I and II...............   we've already stated how well they run at 16mz in vga on another forum :P

"I've not seen such bravery....... Red Wizard shot the food!..... Green Elf is IT!"


I had this on my atari back in the day.  It was totally crap though, gauntlet in isometric 3D  :P

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