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Message started by ggn on 27.02.07 at 13:48:09

Title: Re: The wish list thread
Post by sn00py on 21.01.11 at 17:29:31
It's ok CJ  :-*

Extending the idea of nutty fixes....


The Acorn version of Virus? :D

I can do some basic gfx... ;) my setup is nearing a usable state!

Would Wolfchild work with the TMFX music?

I have some other oddball plans :-

Robocop the Spectrum version ( working in hi res mode?! )
some 68k based 80's arcade stuff
Mega CD games?
CD32 games!?!
Jaguar games??? wtf?!?! :o
X68000 games like Parodious? :P :-X :-X


Actually there was a PC project to make 256 colour versions of speccy games??? that might be another idea for me....

Look forward to playing the next tmfx edition game!  :) :) :)

sn00py [smiley=tekst-toppie.gif] [smiley=beer.gif]

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