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Message started by ggn on 27.02.07 at 13:48:09

Title: Re: The wish list thread
Post by ggn on 02.11.07 at 22:50:28
Hi there

MR BENN wrote on 02.11.07 at 21:09:50:
hi,would like to be able to use audiosculpture mono and colour versions from hard drive if possible.At the moment i just get put in auto folder message when try to run from hd

From what I heard Synchron Assembly makes a copy of TOS in RAM and patches it heavily. I'm afraid that it would be really hard to get it to work reliably from hard drives. Why not trying to use Wizzcat's Protracker? It had superior replay quality too.

MR BENN wrote on 02.11.07 at 21:09:50:
and how about midwinter?

Under consideration....

MR BENN wrote on 02.11.07 at 21:09:50:
loved that game.Anyway would just like to say thanks for all your hard work....really great to be able to run titles from hd on real hardware...never thought i would see the day :)

Thanks! That's all CJ's fault you know :P. He got a hard drive for his st and he had all this huge free space with little or no games in it. On the other hand his amiga was stuffed with games. He then said "wait a moment, if the amiga can do it, so can the st!".

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