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Message started by ggn on 27.02.07 at 13:48:09

Title: Re: The wish list thread
Post by Shw on 15.03.07 at 17:37:41

Saviour wrote on 15.03.07 at 17:05:12:
Hey everyone! :)

I was just looking through my ST-diskboxes and wrote down some games i really want to see being patched from you...i know, you won´t fulfill everyone´s wishes but maybe there are some games, you forgot or you ever wanted to patch for the game-neglected Falcon ;)

Here we go:
- StreetFighter 2
- The Newzealand Story

I hope i didn´t forget any of my favorite games...

I made a ULS version of SF2 so hopefully making it Falcon shouldn't be too complicated.

As for NZS, I love that game... so I'll definitely have a look... Motherfuc%ingkiwib@ast@rd  ?


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