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Message started by Big A on 06.03.07 at 19:48:50

Title: Re: Found Glitch on 2 Disks--Need Help Please
Post by seraphin138 on 28.06.09 at 10:40:11
difficult difficult... that's a matter of point of view...

Ah well this n00b is a slow learner and a neophyte programmer ^_^;

thx again for helping me out specially with the (to me) very specific terms like gem and 80 column mode...

however... I managed to find an original phantasie I and Phantasie II disk from a friend
but when i try to transfer my characters from I to II they have lvl 0 and 0/0 hit points...

i tried the solution presented somewhere else on this boards
but it doesn't work either
i tried with the phantasie II disk available through the link on said thread to no avail...

ahem... any ideas?  :-?

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