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Message started by Big A on 06.03.07 at 19:48:50

Title: Re: Found Glitch on 2 Disks--Need Help Please
Post by ggn on 07.03.07 at 14:38:20
Hi there,

I tried my copies of #177 and #209. Oops  :-[

Immediately I suspected the packer. So I used New Depack and unpacked all the files on that disk on my steem partition. Then I ran phantasie and everything was ok :D

I only tried it for #209, but it should work for #177 too. I unpacked all the files because I couldn't easily decide what files phantasie uses (remember there are other games on both disks).

So I have to ask you a couple of questions now:

a) Can you depack the files yourself or do you want assistance? (hint, new depack is your friend ;) )
b) Do you use a real ST to play the game or steem? This is crucial, because then we have to find what files phantasie uses as I doubt that when depacked the files will fit in 1 disk. Of course if you're using a real ST and hard drive then you might just get away with copying all the files to a folder and unpacking them there :)

I await for your answer...

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