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Message started by Big A on 06.03.07 at 19:48:50

Title: Re: Found Glitch on 2 Disks--Need Help Please
Post by ggn on 09.03.07 at 07:31:40

wrote on 09.03.07 at 02:44:00:
Anyhow, I got it and just wanted to say ThanyYou VERY much!!!You were of great help.I would have never got it working without you.

That's good to hear :). TBH it would be easy for me to make 2 zip files with the games unpacked, but:

a) I was WAY too bored at the time
b) I want to help you guys advance to 'advanced hacker and packer' status ;) (which is the highest status on this forum!)
c) If you realise how to do stuff like that, maybe for the next game that will be problematic (I hope not :) ) you'll at least try some stuff out before saying "it doesn't work, fix it for me". I personally want people visiting this forum to advance their computer skills. Who knows, maybe some of you will start helping us out more actively! For that reason I'll be definitely writing some tutorials on the whole patching/fixing business.

Again, glad to hear you sorted it out :)

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