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Message started by Saviour on 11.03.07 at 20:06:49

Title: Re: Problem with Wizball
Post by Saviour on 18.03.07 at 15:29:22

This is strange that this error just occurs on my Falcon.
I already booted it from a 1.44 MB Floppy with Alternate-key pressed to make sure HD Driver doesnīt load. And i didnīt see any info window of my HD Driver while booting with the Alternate key.

I already posted my Falcon specs above, in the first one...but here they are again. With some stuff that i forgot in the first post but which maybe helpful now:
Falcon030 68030 @ 16MHz - DSP @ 32 MHz (no Accelerator), 68882 FPU, 14MB RAM, German TOS 4.04, 800 MB internal Toshiba HDD, HD Driver 8.13 and i am using MagiC! 6.2 OS on it.
Another thing is, that my Dallas Chip (the Chip which stores the hardware clock and regional settings) passed away 6 months ago. So i have an english TOS now, if i boot it without MagiC.

Hope this helps.

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