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Message started by ggn on 30.03.07 at 21:10:06

Title: Re: The 256 Users for the WeST...
Post by ggn on 07.04.07 at 22:14:42
From JamesD on c.s.a.s.:

Saying that i would still be interested for around the 50GBP mark -
can't have too many gadgets!! :)

So, one 'maybe' :)

And from Stephen S. on atari.org:

I was not really aware of the SatanDisk, nor this, so I applaud and encourage both projects. In seriousness, I'd be willing to buy either. I like the idea of hording kit to make my ST compatible with the modern world when I finally have space to set the machine back up again!

Sounds like another 'maybe' to me :)

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