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Message started by ggn on 22.05.07 at 10:01:03

Title: Re: Bugaboo usage
Post by ggn on 17.08.07 at 22:39:59
Setting variables (~ and LET)

There are lots of stuff that can be set, and fortunately it is done using the same mechanism.

Code (]LET <variable>=value

(both are equivalent)

So let's have a few examples of setting stuff:

[code]~b0=PC ;sets breakpoint 0 at PC
~b1=PC-^a1+^d5+200 ; sets breakpoint 1 at PC - (value of a1) + (value of d5) + $200
~m0=^b0+100 ;sets marker 0 at breakpoint 0 + $100
~m0=.somelabel ;this works if you have assembled your program with debug symbols on
               ;note that you have to use the full stop in front of the label

Yay, we finally set some breakpoints . Now, the breakpoint setting has some more tricks under its sleeve. For example:

Code (]~b0=PC?^d0=3[/code):

will set breakpoint to hit at PC, BUT will only stop execution when d0 is 3. Neat huh?  

Some misc commands

[code]breakpoints or b

Simply displays all breakpoints

Code (]showmemory <mem> or showm <mem>[/code):

Sacrifices one line of display to show 16 bytes of consecutive memory. Very handy since everytime you trace an instruction the line gets updated (although this slows down speed a bit).

[code]resident or resi

Makes Bugaboo resident and exits. After that it can be called from Turbo Assembler by pressing F2, or when an exception occurs (handy for debugging GFA inlines ).

Code (]observe trap,function[/code):

Stops execution when a certain function of a trap gets called.


Will give you a listing with all the built-in commands you can use

Some other random things that are nice

  • Pressing both shifts when the program is running ceases execution (well of course for programs that steal the keyboard interrupt it won't work)
  • By putting BUGABOO.PRG in the auto folder and rebooting you get Bugaboo resident automatically. If you press a certain combo of alt/shift/ctrl (I usually press all) while it's loading you can enter Bugaboo without GEM.
  • By setting variables col0 and col1 you can change the colour scheme of bugaboo, just provide the rgb value in hex.

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