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Message started by Heavy Stylus on 31.10.07 at 13:08:08

Title: Re: Call me a D-Bug fanboy...
Post by Heavy Stylus on 01.11.07 at 14:01:11
I think this thread should be relocated to the hardware section now...

Anyway guys, apologies for all the questions, but as you can see I really need a bit of friendly help in getting this 'solution' set up on my Atari when it arrives.  I confess that I've become a little to use to the super-easy-to-use 'virtual' hard disks in STEEM and didn't realise it was actually quite complicated with real hardware.

There are issues as to whether or not my mates Atari-SCSI cable will work with a SCSI zip drive as well.  He thinks that the HD's external housing has some sort of interface built in to it...

Where is Techie Alison when you need her(!)

Anyway, CJ - I'd be really interested in hearing how your Atari set up works.  Do you use a hard disk to boot your Atari and a Jaz drive only for removable storage - or can you in fact boot from that?  What drivers do you use, etc. ?

SimonSunnyBoy - what have you experiences been like with the SatanDisk?  Is it a viable option to use as a hard-disk alternative, or is it too slow/unreliable?

Exactly what leads do I need to connect a SCSI Zip drive (or other device) to an Atari?  Are they readily available or rare as hens teeth?

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