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Message started by aqua_hedgehog on 08.11.07 at 00:45:47

Title: Re: Best Game for ST?
Post by falkn on 11.11.07 at 23:02:59
Interphase docs can be found on SEWER DOCS disk 14 according to my records.
They can be found online by following the links.

It is surprising that you have not heard of the Solitaire games I mentioned.
They were very popular here in USA.
They used the midi out to send music to your keyboard.
They are by SIERRA and newer versions continue to be available today, but for PC and MAC.
I don't know about the various game systems.

As for HOYLES SOLITAIRE 1 and HOYLES SOLITAIRE 2, I can post them if there is a place.

I have about 3000 commercial softwares, new, in boxes so it is not surprising that I would have
a couple that are obscure.

Sorry...no Pictures today.
I have been asked not to post them.

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