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Message started by Heavy Stylus on 17.11.07 at 21:51:22

Title: Re: ULS Downloads
Post by Heavy Stylus on 19.11.07 at 15:29:01
Cheers, that will be really helpful :)

Have any other ULS patches been created by other users, or just D-Bug?  I always thought that it was a great system for installing games on HD.

Is ULS dead now or just sleeping?  I suppose the Falcon patches have taken their place...

In the past I've installed some of them onto a virtual HD via steem, and I've now copied the installed files over to my real recently-purchased Atari HD.  It's a bit of a cop out, but it would be nice to have pre-installed versions hosted on the d-bug site in the same way you host the Falcon HD patches...it would save the trouble of having to hunt around for the original menu disks.

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