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Message started by CJ on 01.12.07 at 17:54:08

Title: Re: Advent! Merry Christmas Everyone!
Post by ggn on 06.12.07 at 16:31:30
Hi there,

Saviour wrote on 06.12.07 at 16:17:08:
Hey D-Bug!

Nice work with that Advent Calender and an awesome idea, too! Thanks for that!  :)

Saviour wrote on 06.12.07 at 16:17:08:
But i have a problem with "Golden Axe": On my Falcon030 (Specs are below in my Signature) it doesnīt run.
I get the Intro of the game but when i press a button to play it, i get weird graphics, the sound is stuck and my Falcon crashed. It happens with 16MHz on and off, Cache on and off and with NVDI on and off. It even crashes with a Clean Boot. :(
What can it be, ggn?

Ok, my head was simply mashed last night, so I forgot to add any comments to the release. Firstly it doesn't work on my machine at all with cache on. Why is the option there then? Simply because if I took off the cache question then it refused to run on my TT! (yes, I must have assembled 20-30 versions last night to figure that out).

Try this: start with a cold boot (I'd disable NVDI too), then choose 16mhz, no cache. The most probable reason that it didn't work in that configuration in your machine is that you did a warm boot after trying the game with any configuration and then resetting. This all has to do with the TT compatibility I wrote above, maybe I will release 2 separate versions for Falcon and TT, because no matter how I tried to fix the game for one machine, for unknown (to me) reasons it failed on the other.

Saviour wrote on 06.12.07 at 16:17:08:
By the way: "Interphase" i have to play without (!) Cache enabled to make it work. Otherwise it will crash similar to Golden Axe now. But i can run "Interphase" with 16 MHz without problems though...  :-?

That's easy: I simply forgot to remove the cache on/off question ;). So what you see there with cache on is absolutely normal! Thanks for reporting it, I'll fix that ASAP.

Saviour wrote on 06.12.07 at 16:17:08:
(I can even play it with my 25MHz Phantom CPU/Bus Accelerator, but itīs too fast for me then.

LOL, nice!

[quote author=Saviour link=1196531648/15#20 date=1196957828]P.S.: I really hope so much that there will be Lemmings and Gods behind a Window of the Advent Calender somewhere! :)

No comment ;)

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