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Message started by CJ on 01.12.07 at 17:54:08

Title: Re: Advent! Merry Christmas Everyone!
Post by ggn on 13.09.08 at 20:36:56
Ok, finally I remembered I had to do something here! For posterity's sake I'll include all the texts from those 25 days, so we can all have a laugh!

Day 1

Leander ST / STe / mSTe / TT/ Falcon030 - 4mb Hard Drive by Cyrano Jones

No stale chocolate behind this day. To kick start we bring you Psygnosis' Leander!
Please note that we tried and tried to make the intro work on the Falcon and the TT, but in the end,
decided it wasnt worth the effort, so it is skipped on these systems. The game, however, works perfectly on all flavours of Atari so click and enjoy.. We'll be back tomorrow, and every day, up to Christmas Day, so be sure to come and click again!

Day 2

Escape from the Planet of the Robot Monsters
ST / STe / mSTe / TT/ Falcon030 - 4mb Hard Drive by Cyrano Jones

Next on Sky One: When Robots Attack!!! Will you Escape From The Planet of the Robot Monsters in time to see what we have for you tomorrow? In our opinion a much under rated game, that is a lot of fun to play. Don't forget to come back tomorrow!

Day 3

ST / STe / mSTe / TT/ Falcon030 - 2mb Hard Drive by GGN

Quite possibly one of the most breathtaking 3D in a game on an ST - now ever better with 16Mhz options. GGN brings the classic 'Interphase' to the HD/030 era and also includes level select options! Special Christmas cheer to Elite! As we are the oldest active Atari group around, it's always good to see some of the scene names from the past again. Let's hope it helps to revive the good old days again where crackers were real crackers, packers were real packers, and small furry creatures from Alpha Centauri we're real small furry creatures from Alpha Centauri!

Day 4

ST / STe / mSTe / TT/ Falcon030 - 1mb Hard Drive by GGN

Have you been naughty or nice?  The people living here were naughty, but GGN was nice and fixed it for you to play on more recent Atari machines!

Day 5

1st Samurai
ST / STe / mSTe / TT/ Falcon030 (now fixed for TOS 2.06!) - 4mb Hard Drive by Cyrano Jones

The game that made 'Second Samurai' possible!  Hack'n'slash your way towards enlightenment - just like shopping in Tesco!

Day 6

Golden Axe
ST / STe / mSTe / TT/ Falcon030 - 2mb Hard Drive by GGN

This needs no writeup. Download and play this classic game now!

Day 7

Fire and brimstone
ST / STe / mSTe / TT/ Falcon030 - 2mb Hard Drive by GGN

The allmighty god Thor is on his way to fight for freedom and yaddayaddayaddayadda.... Look, just download the game, it's got lovely graphics, it's tricky and now it works on 030 CPUs. Is that enough info for you?

Day 8

ST / STe / mSTe / TT/ Falcon030 - 1mb Hard Drive by GGN

Don't be a whineyboy - kick back and have a blast this Christmas with the Bitmap's Classic 'Xenon' fixed up for hard disk install (as always!) and more recent Atari machines.

Day 9

Parasol stars
ST / STe / mSTe / TT/ Falcon030 - 1mb Hard Drive by GGN

More Ocean action and another great arcade conversion. What are you waiting for? Click!

Day 10

D-Bug CD 198 (A and B)

Maybe you were expecting another fixed game? Well, we'd love to give you another HD, Falcon, MSTe, and TT fixed game, but instead D-Bug are proud to present to you Menu 198! (With two fixed games)  Both games have been sitting around for quite a while now, so we felt it was time to kick them out of the door and onto your Ataris!

Gauntlet III was cracked, packed, fixed and trained by CJ.  Outzone was cracked by CJ and packed and fixed by GGN.  Music as always by the mighty Dubmood! - Only 15 days left for the Big One!  (And I bet you all thought it would be a menu at the end!)

This is a dual format menu, it will boot on both ST and Falcon systems. Copy the files in the root of the disks to a folder on your HD to install.

Day 11

ST / STe / mSTe / TT/ Falcon030 - 2mb Hard Drive by GGN

Bored with Gauntlet III already? Well, we can't really blame you. Anyway here is a game released in the twilight of the ST gaming era. We like it, so we fixed it. Any questions?


Thought so! Now download and enjoy!

Day 12

Heavy Metal Heroes
ST / STe / mSTe / TT/ Falcon030 - 2mb Hard Drive by GGN

So far we haven't made enough shoot'em'up fixes this month, so let's make it up for you with a not so well known one (but still fun!). Please note that player 1's joystick is the one on the mouse port :)

Day 13

Indy Heat
ST / STe / mSTe / TT/ Falcon030 - 2mb Hard Drive by GGN

It's freezing here in the UK (and probably Greece, who knows?) so heres some Indy Heat to warm you all up!

Day 14

ST / STe / mSTe / TT/ Falcon030 - 4mb Hard Drive by Cyrano Jones

What's Christmas without horrible cheap sweets?  Zool is a bit hard to keep down, but at least now it runs quicker! The game was released in two flavours, STFM and STe - but for some reason the STe version refuses to run on the Falcon, so for that path we suggest 16Mhz to compensate!  Machine selection now is automatically made by the loader, I guess there were Chupa Chups in the cookie jar :P

Day 15

Navy Seals
ST / STe / mSTe / TT / Falcon030 - 4mb Hard Drive by SHW

After years of research the U.S. Military finally discovered how to train seals to swim around underwater and spy on the Russians. All it needed was a bucket of fish and a camera strapped to the seal's head. Once the intelligence was gathered, the seals would return back to the zoo they were using as a cover for their secret covert operations. Or it could be about the elite military group, who knows? Anyway, prepare yourselves for The Untouchables! (With different graphics)

Day 16

Chuckie Egg
ST / STe / mSTe / TT/ Falcon030 - 1mb Hard Drive by Cyrano Jones

Happy Easter!  Wait, its Christmas.  Oh well, we're early - sue us!

Day 17

The Addams Family
ST / STe / mSTe / TT/ Falcon030 - 2mb Hard Drive by GGN

It runs on your Atari
From TT's down to ST
It's all a bit to nerdy
To tell you what we fixed

They're creepy and they're kooky,
Mysterious and spooky,
They're all together ooky, They work on your Atar-ooky
The Addams Family.

Day 18

Super Cars II
ST / STe / mSTe /  Falcon030 - 2mb Hard Drive by GGN

We're almost done here this month, so what better way to wrap up things than an overhead racing game in which you get to blow your opponents away? This almost works on the TT, but halts because of something we can't figure out yet.

Day 19

ST / STe / mSTe /  Falcon030 - 4mb Hard Drive by GGN

Not much of a game in there, but that's Reflections for you! Worth alone for the Space Harrier sequence, so get it and start shooting things on your 16/32s!

Day 20

ST / STe / mSTe / Falcon030 - 2mb Hard Drive GGN

Who needs source code to fix games?  Not us!  Enjoy possibly the only good Ocean game to come from France!  Yes, its Toki... Please don't expect the fullscreen at the end to run on your 030/16mhz based machines!  Quite a lot of patching was required to get this to work on the Falcon, but the end result was well worth it.

Day 21

Smash TV
ST / STe / mSTe / Falcon030 / TT - 2mb Hard Drive by GGN

In the future, the key word is "control". All will be controlled, your habits, your personal life, your brain, your bodily functions, your opinions. People will be flung into an arena and battle against fierce monsters. Sounds like Atari Forum then, right?

Anyway, this one's by Eugene Jarvis. Eu-ge-ne Jar-vis. Name not familiar? Bad boy!

Day 22

The Black Lamp
ST / STe / mSTe / Falcon030 - 1mb Hard Drive by Cyrano Jones

From the Dawn of the ST comes 'The Black Lamp' - This was originally a classic Atari 8-Bit game but was updated for the Atari ST range of machines.  Again, another much under rated title that deserves to be played because while frustratingly difficult, it is also immense fun to play (Especially now with SHW's trainer!)

Day 23

Devious Designs
ST / STe / mSTe / Falcon030 / TT - 2mb Hard Drive by GGN

When asked for a blurb, the D-Bug people gave the following 3:

- "You can't be arsed to write a comment on the boards. We cant be arsed to write a comment here. Leech away"
- "Game. Works. 030 machines. hard drives. Play it."
- "3 days to Xmas and Santa Claus is checking his list. Now be good children leech this game and stay in spirit, don't be devious"

Choose your favorite one and be happy!

Day 24

Gods +
ST / STe / mSTe / Falcon030 / TT- 2mb Hard Drive by SHW

It's Black Lamp with Mark Coleman graphics! Well slightly improved gameplay just gave me enough motivation to give it the D-Bug treatment. OK, so Download it. That's  an order

Check back tomorrow for the grand finale of this calendar! We guarantee it's going to be BIG!

Day 25

Cruise for a corpse
ST / STe / mSTe / Falcon030 / TT  by GGN

Well, we said it was going to be big, didn't we? How's about 5 disks big? Join our main character in this epic adventure and crack the case, while gazing at the gorgeous graphics and animation and immerse yourself at the beautiful atmosphere, dialogues and puzzles (and plugging your ears at the crap sound :P). Of COURSE we didn't forget the Falcon, since this is probably the only version that runs on it!

We hope you enjoyed these past 25 days as much as we did, and you filled up your hard drives with quality games (and tossed your old floppies away ;))  It's been a fun ride through 2007 for us all as a group, and we wish all who read this, along with their nearest and dearest, a very Merry Christmas and a fantastical New Year.

D-Bug will be back in 2008 to finish the CD era (Finally! Yeah! Only one more menu to go! Whoohooo!) and be active on Atari! Remember folks, we're in this bacause a) We love Atari, b) We like what we're doing, c) We like to hear you enjoying it!

A few very special greetings from D-Bug go to:  ChrisTOS and Kradd for STOT and the Falcon League, Klaz, Elite and all the demo groups out there still showing the world that Atari isn't dead!

Sincerely, Cyrano Jones, Dubmood, East Cracking Group, GGN and last but not least Showaddywaddy.

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