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Message started by Christos on 18.12.07 at 08:50:45

Title: Re: Falcon's IDE.
Post by CJ on 18.12.07 at 12:27:52

1) Remove the RF shield
2) Remove the speaker from its clamp
3) Bend the shielding that the speaker clamped into so that from the underside it is flat
4) Align the HD upside down onto the shielding and scew it diagonally I think either one or two screw rows so that the diagonal opposite holes align to the shielding
5) screw it in, plug the cable in (Needs a longer IDE cable as you have to "twist" it to get it the right way up again)
6) Turn on the falcon and go ahhh blisss... no speaker bleeping and a HD :-)

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