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Message started by KrazyKato on 08.01.08 at 15:28:19

Title: Stormtrooper crack
Post by KrazyKato on 08.01.08 at 15:28:19
Hi all,
There was a game called Stormtrooper (I still have the original) that ended up on AU121 cracked, filed, packed by Andy Arfling.
I tried to crack this sucker years ago when I was just starting out but it always defeated me  :-[.  Do any of you guys have any tuts or advice on how to beat this protection?  It was a Bootsector loader that trashed the system/keyboard etc, then loaded sectors - if memory serves me right.
I hacked loads of ST game, the last one being Chaos Engine (Rob Northen). Also did BAAL, now that one was a tricky little beggar to file.
I could provide a Pasti'd STX of the game soon when I get my kit set up if that would help?

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