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Message started by KrazyKato on 08.01.08 at 15:28:19

Title: Re: Stormtrooper crack
Post by Shw on 18.01.08 at 17:33:08
I'm sure I had this problem ages ago. But normally I use Toxic on a real ST. I remember reading a thread recently that said there's no one using Monst when Steem Debug is so powerful..... well I still use Monst(Toxic) so there!!

Tip. Load makeboot into monst, trace through, you'll see a part saying sub #$18000  what this does is make toxic load at ramtop minus $18000 bytes (this happens when you press right shift on boot).  Try changing this to a higher value e.g. $80000 or something. Then execute makeboot.


If this doesn't work I'll investigate.

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