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Message started by KrazyKato on 08.01.08 at 15:28:19

Title: Re: Stormtrooper crack
Post by ggn on 10.01.08 at 13:41:02

KrazyK wrote on 09.01.08 at 23:28:02:
I'm a bit stuck here with this one - it's a bit nasty.
I've let the bootsector decrypt itself and let it load the first 6 tracks to $17d22.  Easy peasy bit
That data is then relocated (also is partially decrypted) down to $200.  I've got that block saved as a 38k file for future use.
All system is trashed here (Toxic Monst does help though)
Code runs at $200, all traps, vbl, trace / kbd vector / timers are then screwed around with and custom ones setup as more sectors are loaded.
If you manage to get past that and still have a working system then please let me know.
I would ideally like to find where the sector loader is kept.
I did manage to load more tracks but then the system got trashed again from somewhere else.

Tell you what - download the DEBUG version of steem engine, open up the boiler room, set a breakpoint to $200, and start tracing from that. Don't use a software debugger, as steem's one is quite powerful for what you need. Except if you really want to do it with toxic...

[quote author=KrazyKato link=1199806100/0#6 date=1199921282]I've unpacked Andy Arfling (Au121) 1 meg file crack and can't work out what he did with it to stop it loading sectors.!  :-[/quote]

Well, I guess Andy only kept the code that mattered for his version :)

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