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Message started by Heavy Stylus on 11.01.08 at 16:14:08

Title: Who uses an LCD/TFT TV (SCART) with their Atari?
Post by Heavy Stylus on 11.01.08 at 16:14:08
Anyone?  If so, please list it here.  The Atari outputs an unusual video signal that a lot of LCD TV's can't cope with, so it would be great to have a definitive list of TV's that the Atari ST(E) range of machines *do* work with.

For example, my LG M1921A 19" sort of works... the picture is pretty good in low and med resolutions UNLESS there's a lot of cyan on the screen... Cyan/Light Blue seems to cause other shades/colours to fade from the pallette and makes the screen really bright..  It's a problem with the LCD RGB hardware decoding the Atari signal and not the Atari itself - the image is fine on a CRT via Scart.

Games like Backlash are therefore unplayable on my TV, and the scroller on the Kick My Ass'embler demo is impossible to see :(  Both work via RF lead though, so it's not the end of the world(!)

However, Techie Alison has confirmed that the Samsung LE19R71BX Telvision (with additional VGA input) works a treat, as does the LE27S7 according to GGN.

Any more?  If people want to list Falcon friendly LCD's then please highlight them accordingly.

Title: Re: Who uses an LCD TV (scart) with their Atari?
Post by Heavy Stylus on 11.01.08 at 16:32:37
The Samsung SyncMaster 741MP - Flat panel display - TFT - 17" is Falcon friendly via SCART and VGA cable, according to joska at Atari Forum.

The Samsung SM 710MP T.V. Monitor is also Falcon compatible via SCART and VGA cable acording to earx at Atari Forum.

The 17" ONN LCD TV A017LC Widescreen works OK with Atari ST(E)/TT via SCART for low/med res and VGA high res (using Alison's lead).  From bj at Atari Forum.

Title: Re: Who uses an LCD/TFT TV (SCART) with their Atar
Post by Shw on 12.01.08 at 14:54:34

I use a cheapo Suyama 17in TFT MJ7CNA monitor. It works fine on my Falcon via VGA :)


Title: Re: Who uses an LCD/TFT TV (SCART) with their Atari?
Post by simonsunnyboy on 12.06.09 at 12:43:29
I bought a Samsung Syncmaster 2333HD LCD TV today (abount 22inch 16:9).
It has antenna, VGA, DVI, Component video and SCART but no S-VIDEO or Composite inputs.

My Atari STE and the Falcon are happy via SCART:

My 2600jr only works via RF, composite via adaptor to SCART gives no usable signal for the TV :(
My old Playstation also does not not work sofar as it outputs composite as well.

Complete review in German:

For watching TV and running the STE it feels great :)

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