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Message started by Klapauzius on 21.03.08 at 19:44:59

Title: Re: Falcon: using ST palette in non-ST resolutions
Post by Klapauzius on 22.03.08 at 10:23:15
Thanks ggn. :-)

Actually, I have no probs setting a 320x240 resolution on the Falcon.
I just can't seem to be able to use the ST palette at $8240.w for this resolution. As soon as I enter a non ST compatible rez, the Falcon palette ($9800.w) is used.

Reason I ask is that I have an ST game that uses the lower border (Pang) and I want to fix it for the Falcon. It already works (kinda) on the Falcon with a 320x240 screen but the colours are of course completely off. Sure, it would be possible to fix this, but I would have to patch an awful lot of code and colour values to force it to use the Falcon palette.
So before starting with this, I thought I'd better ask for an alternate solution. :-)

Ok, I'll have a look at screenspain - wanted to do this for some time anyway. ;-)

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