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Message started by mikro on 29.10.08 at 20:50:27

Title: Re: Chaos Engine
Post by ggn on 20.11.08 at 18:20:59
Hi there,

Some techincal info follows...

Does the game looks something like the attached pic? If I understood correctly so far, I would guess so. So let me quote master Paranoid's highly authorative STE FAQ here:

? So now i fixed it and it works fine on the STE, but often enough,
 bitplanes are screwed up on the Falcon. Why ?
! Remember that the Falcon only allows screen addresses as multiples
 of 4, which is not as flexible as on the STE, where it only has to
 be a multiple of 2. This is also the case for the Video Counter
 Registerts, not only for the Video Base Address.
 Make sure that your screen data is stored on an address that is
 a multiple of 4 and it will work.

Guessed it yet?

When I tried Chaos engine on the Falcon, I got a screen like the attached one (which I assume is the one you're getting). It took me quite a long time to figure out, but in the end I just aligned the screen buffer in a multiple of 4 and it all worked. I even sent it to my usual testers and all gave me the green light. Great, I thought, release time!

Then you mentioned the problem on your falcon. Which is kinda puzzling I must confess! The only thing I could come up with is that for some reason your Falcon isn't aligning the video base address properly, so I assembled 3 versions, first aligned to 4 bytes, second on first +2, and third on address +4. I thought that at least one of those would work out for you...

So if this is what you're seeing then I have to admit that I'm at the end of my wits here  :-/. The only possible suggestion I can come up with would be to try from alt-boot and load it from floppy. Any exotic hardware installed on your falcon? (mine has a ct63, no problems).

What's your Falcon doing around Outline time? ;)

If you're experiencing something else than what I described, then I'd like to hear about it.
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