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Message started by mikro on 29.10.08 at 20:50:27

Title: Re: Chaos Engine
Post by mikro on 20.11.08 at 22:35:29
Hi again,

wait wait :) I probably didn't write it very clear (what a surprise :) -- the v1 and v3 DON'T look like your attached picture (they are just "interlaced".... hey now I got it! You meant interlaced in the another way than me =)) but v2 DOES.

OK, so what I mean under 'interlace' -- interlace like on 8bit demos, like on ST demos when you want to enhance screen resolution. Or Falcon's 400 lines per screen on TV :) This is how looks released version, v1 and v3. v2 is screwed with bitplanes but this is understandable because you aligned it on +2.

So, summary: we didn't solved anything, we just didn't understand each other and you can start from the beginning ;-)

Around Outline I will hopefully be ... at Outline ;)

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