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Message started by DaNyL on 01.12.08 at 18:39:26

Title: Problem with Turrican
Post by DaNyL on 01.12.08 at 18:39:26
Hi everyone!
First of all: a huge Thank You to D-Bug for releasing Turrican ULSv3!
... but I have a problem running it on my machine.
My Falcon is a standard 4MB, connected to the TV by TV-out.
The Rainbow Arts Intro is just like on ST, then the Turrican voice starts pitched higher (on 16Mhz) or way lower (on 8Mhz) than ST and then the Screen starts to distort; seems like the Falcon isn't in 15khz/TV land anymore by then.
Any ideas? I use a clean boot, nothing running but HD-driver.
EDIT: I use TOS 4.04

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