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Message started by DaNyL on 01.12.08 at 18:39:26

Title: Re: Problem with Turrican
Post by ggn on 30.09.14 at 12:34:45

insane wrote on 27.09.14 at 18:28:54:
Sorry to reopen this thread after all these years - but I've fixed my issue by patching the crack.


I've patched the RGB Routines to work on my monitor and the VGA routines to use 50hz instead of 60hz.

Hope that this can help somebody else.
DaNyL / insane of tscc

Good stuff, will download and test on my Falcon when I find the time! (and then update the archive file!)

insane wrote on 27.09.14 at 18:28:54:
p.s.: i didn't get any password recovery mail - is there a problem with the system?

Yeah, the server this forum is on doesn't have email sending facilities - PM me the password you want to reset your old profile to if you like :).

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