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Message started by simonsunnyboy on 06.12.08 at 19:01:46

Title: Re: Wings Of Death
Post by wod on 13.12.08 at 12:31:33
Really great stuff guys. I am so glad I can play the game on my falcon AND from hard disk now. :-)

Unfortnately the AMIGA patch doesn't work on my machine. Whenever I start the extended version the game immediately freezes when the first level begins (e.g. the players ship appears). Normal version is working fine.

My configuration:

System: ATARI Falcon 030/ct63 but running in 030 mode
Cache Sizes: none, played the game from floppy
Memory: 14mb ST-RAM, FastRAM not activated
HD Driver used: 8.17 but not used, booted with ALT pressed
Options Selected in loader: infinite lives: n, infinite energy: n, AMIGA MUSIC: y

What you were doing: pressed space to start the game, intro screen (with dbug2008) appeared did nothing, then start screen appeared (with start sound: Wings of Death, hahaha), pressed space, "Please insert Disk B and press any key!", pressed space again, "Start new game", pressed fire button on joystick, "Loading and decrunching stage 1", "Push button to enter stage 1: Sagyr's castle", pushed joystick button again, computer freezes". :(

Any ideas?

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