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Message started by simonsunnyboy on 06.12.08 at 19:01:46

Title: Re: Wings Of Death
Post by wod on 14.12.08 at 14:10:35

CJ wrote on 13.12.08 at 23:57:24:
Please try this version and let us know how you go along.

Everyone deserves some TFMX love this Christmas :)

Tested it on my ct63 falcon and same as above, as soon as the game starts and the falcon tries to play the AMIGA tune the machine freezes.  :(

Had to test it from HD though (e.g. HD-Driver 8.17) cause the files didn't fit on a floppy disk.

BTW, I even tried a MP3 file with FalcAMP to make sure the hardware (DSP) isn't defective. The falcon plays the MP3 without any glitches (even in 030 mode).

Hope this helps a little bit.


P.S.: I always test on RGB.

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