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Message started by ggn on 20.12.08 at 21:44:01

Title: Re: Scrollers project!
Post by ggn on 21.12.08 at 09:08:11
Well, what I'm suggesting here is that people with 10-15 spare minutes can sumbit 10 menus of scrolltext. One you get the hang of using steem debug, it's very easy. If anyone wants to contribute and doesn't know how to use steem debug, just ask!

Ok, let's establish some ground rules here, because this can get haywire easily!:

1) Please rip consecutive menus. Ideally the first post should contain menu #1, then #2, etc. and the last #512
2) To avoid double work please post and state which menus you want to rip text from. Then start filling the post up.
3) Hidden texts which are not shown normally are allowed. Go for them too!

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