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Message started by Marcer_ on 31.12.08 at 09:12:34

Title: GameDVD RELEASE!!
Post by Marcer_ on 31.12.08 at 09:12:34

Its finally DONE!!

As an thunder Kick off. it will now be launched!!!

For those who want its complete collection (all extras & game sources etc etc.)

You easly add money to my Paypal account or swedes can add money to my PostGiro or such!!

prices will be 20 sek + Shipping! (I would love to see some bonus amounts since these are only hardwarecosts!). I take no extra charges. but I will not cry for some bonuses :P

I have worked day & night on this project since 2004!


For more further information PM Me!

The Online version will be present. only the Cracked games & PD/SW games. + list for those.
No Bonus dirs or Extras will be present in this category!!!!

Happy New Year all!!

Greetings Marcer!

ps. Online version will be open up today (must play with my kid first :P ).

Title: Re: GameDVD RELEASE!!
Post by CJ on 31.12.08 at 10:14:43
When's it out? We've got a lot of patches ready but they can wait until you start burning them....

hehehehehehe :P

Title: Re: GameDVD RELEASE!!
Post by Marcer_ on 31.12.08 at 11:40:29
Hehe.. Nasty nasty!

Well I will do an update page for the DVD. which I will try todo end of months updates.

Btw. For online version. users.. I suggest PM's since I will only deliver personal Logins for it. as i want to have a clue who is actually intressted in this.

so for personal infos.. PM PM PM :)

// Marcer

Title: Re: GameDVD RELEASE!!
Post by Marcer_ on 05.01.09 at 13:57:09
Okay, since some ppl are very active.
And I felt i should do an quickly update for the DVD.

The first GameDVD update Pack have been launched.
for those who have orderd the DVD doesnt need to download this.
as it will be included. But for online version user.. this pack could be handy. these things are already implanted. but I thought it would be a bit easier to get them this way..

get the stuff (40+ games in 11mb) at:


Greetings, Marcer

ps. I HAVE RECHANGED the adress a bit!!!

Title: Re: GameDVD RELEASE!!
Post by Marcer_ on 27.01.12 at 14:34:04
all those out there who got this collection feel free to put online or what ever you like.. but plz include a txt file or such pointed to http://marcer.mine.nu
incase I do update packs in future (which probly should appear)

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