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Message started by CJ on 02.02.09 at 07:59:52

Title: (M)ST(E) Double VBL (TwinSync) Bug and Solution
Post by CJ on 02.02.09 at 07:59:52
Just a heads up to everyone, RemoWilliams is now part of the testing team.

Anyway.... here's some PM's we've exchanged today... see if you guys can think of anything.

CJ wrote:

they both (1942 and BoB) default to whatever the machine is at when its run. BH1942  turns cache off on F30/TT....

So they should run flat out...

Remo wrote:

See this is where I'm getting confused.  My MSTE clearly boots at 8Mhz (double checked by forcing 8Mhz/nocache from the renamed CPX control program) - but BH1942 runs at the same greatly accelerated speed regardless of what speed the MSTE is set for going into the program.

If I'm entering BH1942 at 8Mhz on the MSTE, the performance should be the same as Steem or my 1040ST, right?  But it's not...

CJ wrote:

Then that MUST be something wacky on your machine because nothing is changed as far as speed goes on that one.

Remo wrote:

It basically mirrors the results I'm seeing on many of those single load files.  What the hell could cause that?  And why wouldn't I see it with things outside these patches?  If my machine was somehow automagically going into overdrive on it's own it should speed up and break everything else like other cracks and copy protected originals.

And you'll like this.  I just tried an old floppy crack of BH1942 and it runs at the expected 8mhz speed.  

Maybe it's just me.  I swear if I had a nickel for everytime in my life I've heard 'I've never seen/heard that before' I'd be rich.    

And I just tried BOB, and when the machine is set for 8Mhz it runs at normal speed, and 16Mhz at an accelerated speed like it should...
Not that this will likely help much, but I ran sysinfo on a clean boot and it says 8Mhz / cache off.

CJ wrote:

OK, it kinda makes sense.

BoB does nothing to the CPU, and that is working as intended.
BH1942 disables the cache.... 99% of all our patches disable the cache by default...

So we've narrowed it down to the cache. What doesnt make sense is that the intros dont play with cache control until they quit.. hrm i'll have a think but it does sound like something up with your cache.

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