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Message started by CJ on 02.02.09 at 07:59:52

Title: Re: Remo's speed issue
Post by remowilliams on 02.02.09 at 20:30:10

Christos wrote on 02.02.09 at 19:24:09:
Seems as if for some strange reason your MSTE is turned to 16MHz + cache no matter what.

I could believe that if all my other software (commercial or otherwise) ran entirely too fast.  Or if it looked to my eye at bootup that the machine was running much faster. I've spent many years watching GEM windows snap open and closed - and I can immediately tell if the machine is running 16/cache.

Or for more empirical data:

Cold boot:


On cold boot after setting 16/cache in Xcontrol:


So she's definitely not booting up at 16/cache on her own.

Christos wrote on 02.02.09 at 19:24:09:
As if something is installed that forces that operation. I can't understand it.
Have you tried booting your mste, set it to 8MHz and then start the game?

Yes, and it makes no difference to the new JP2 - it always runs at the same normal 8Mhz speed (relative to Steem speed) regardless of intro speed settings.

Whereas old JP2 runs at 8Mhz speed on cold boot, and at 16/cache expected accelerated speed when selected beforehand in Xcontrol.

So in a nutshell new JP2 always runs at normal speed, whereas I can make old JP2 speedup by manual Xcontrol intervention prior to launch.

And I've probably given everyone a headache by now.   :(

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