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Message started by CJ on 02.02.09 at 07:59:52

Title: Re: Remo's speed issue
Post by remowilliams on 02.02.09 at 16:56:16
Hi guys :)

Shw - I just tried Viking Child on my MSTE and Steem at the same time for comparison.  

(MSTE) Unlike other intros, this one (and the others that use the same intro) the intro music and everything is at the right speed.  8Mhz / 16Mhz/cache doesn't seem to make a difference in either game loading speed or ingame play speed.   The ingame speed seems to be the same as Steem.   For example as I'm watching both screens and hit up to jump  it takes exactly the same time on Steem and the MSTE (regardless of intro speed settings) for the character to jump up into the air and return to the ground.  Ingame sound (50/60hz booted) is always too fast compared to Steem

So a question here would be - should I be seeing double the ingame speed at 16Mhz/cache or does this game have a frame limiter, and the extra speed would only help for bog downs.

If so, is there a game that will play flat out loony at 16Mhz/cache to make the difference obvious?

I can tell you for sure as an example that BOBTFH most assuredly plays twice or so as fast when I use Xcontrol to set 16Mhz/cache before launching it, over the standard 8Mhz boot speed.

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