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Message started by Shw on 07.05.09 at 19:08:16

Title: rant
Post by Shw on 07.05.09 at 19:08:16
So *censored* has left the calm waters of AF, an idyllic paradise remains.... where one can slip on their hush puppies,  have a relaxing sip of Chamomile tea, whilst reading the morning's Guardian and wondering why Charlies Brookers column doesn't transcend to BBC 4.

But hey... I see a large Battleship on the horizon... cold, steel grey clouds ominously descend. On the bridge is Captain Mug.... his orders to rid our free-thinking Island of individuality, happiness and hope. 

The thunderous roar of the 15 inch artillery blast over head as limbs of once active, constructive islanders lay strewn on the beach reminiscent of Omaha or Juno.. 40 years ago.....

As the landing craft comes ashore the Captain triumphantly gazes down on the corpses; a rosy smile on his face  , "hehe another one banned, not many more to go now".


Title: Re: rant
Post by CJ on 07.05.09 at 22:12:41

We very rarely use these, if at all. The procedure has however been discussed. There are NO RULES to be broken, or ANY procedures to be followed. If you are deemed to be being cruel and deliberately unpleasant then you'll be banned. Periods are for 7-days, 14-days, 28-days, and then you'll be blocked completely.

Wow. I see it starts at 7 days and moves up. I always thought it started at permanent and then got swept under the carpet. Oh well.

They also need to add "if you are having an ammusing bit of banter with another member" to the "cruel and deliberatly unpleasant" line. And then a subpoint saying only one side of said banter will be banned even if said banter is a rebuttal of abuse aimed at banteree. (because being a member of AtariLegend gives you immunity) - Aha! I see the section of NO RULES coming into play here. So NO RULES and NO PROCEDURES. Right, perfect sense there. Err... Anarchy, anyone?

Funny, I think RetrogamerUK fell into the "cruel and deliberatly unpleasant" section - however he drives "the fat one" around so he couldnt possibly do anything to fix that.

Oh, and Aly - May I add "Dubmood" to your list of people to look into? The wise "powers that be" banned him with no posts made just because he had a D-Bug tag. I do, however, realise this was before your time, when the forum was ruled by evil overlords who, to this day, still never show up but yet people still believe in them. Sounds like a cult to me. Did I spell that right? I'll have to ask Shw :)

In fact let me take a minute to re-draft that text for Mug. I know his job is text checking but he seems to have made a pigs arse of that.

We very rarely use these, if at all except when a global admin feels like it, even though said global admin doesn't actually read the forum or visit it very often. The procedure has however been discussed, but we couldn't think of anything good to write so there are NO RULES to be broken, or ANY procedures to be followed, allowing us to ban and kick at will anyone we feel at any time (as is our right as admins). If you are deemed to be being cruel and deliberately unpleasant then you'll be banned unless your a personal friend of an admin, or a member of Atari Legend, in which case we'll turn a blind eye. Periods are for 7-days, 14-days, 28-days, and then you'll be blocked completely infinity.

The proof reading is free of charge.

:) We're all allowed to rant. :P

BTW - we're Spam Free for months and counting :)

Title: Re: rant
Post by techie_alison on 09.05.09 at 14:57:16
He was banned for being repeatedly argumentative and difficult.  Not a week went by....  He can come back, IF, he stops continually causing headaches.

We're all doing this because we enjoy doing it.  Nothing more.  The point where it becomes a hassle then I'm off.  I'll find something else to do for amusement.

I wrote the rules.  There aren't any really if I'm honest.  The rules at present are that if someone disrupts the board repeatedly and causes continual headaches then they go.  Ppera was pushed as a very final final final resort, out of desperation.  Just look at how much he got away with.  And God I tried!

No point attacking Mug really.  He doesn't do anything wrong.  Whatever happened before I don't know about.  Certainly now, we all argue at length on what actions to take.  You'd be surprised at some of the threads in the Mod forum and the arguing that goes on.  I defended Ppera for months in the belief that it was just the language barrier.

$Logged In.  Viewing Ban List
$Removed Cyrano Jones
$Removed D-Bug
$Removed dubmood
$Removed ggn

If there's any I've missed then let me know.  It was discussed some weeks back with the OK being unanimous.  Obviously no one expects you to, but it's a start.   :)

Title: Re: rant
Post by CJ on 09.05.09 at 15:09:05
You missed Grazey and Showaddywaddy :)

But as you say I doubt we'll post anyway.

Thanks Aly :-)

Title: Re: rant
Post by techie_alison on 09.05.09 at 15:17:21
Tis done.  :)

Well if you wish to post updates, then you'll certainly be welcomed.  I'm not saying we're perfect by any means.  In 50-years no one's going to give a shit who any of us are anyway.  ;)  We're only here to pass the time.  8-)

$Logged In.  Viewing Ban List
$Removed Grazey / PHF
$Removed Showaddywaddy

Title: Re: rant
Post by Marcer_ on 10.05.09 at 16:24:52
who else is on the ban list?
unless all these Spammers?

// MArcer

Title: Re: rant
Post by techie_alison on 10.05.09 at 20:07:14
You're not on it.   ;D

Title: Re: rant
Post by ggn on 11.05.09 at 13:14:31
Sigh... so many other interesting threads in this forum (or so many others that can be created), yet people only jump in this one...


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