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Message started by Morden on 27.06.09 at 02:18:34

Title: Jaguar: Using tilemaps and scrolling
Post by Morden on 27.06.09 at 02:18:34

I've just created a small article from old soure code. While is coded entirely in 68000, the code to do this task in ProjectOne is 100% GPU based. However I feel that the 68000 code makes it easier to get the concept of how this works over to people. The GPU code is available on request.

This code started out as a possible title screen for Tapperesque. Somehow, somewhere along the lines, it turned into part of a full game engine.

Anyway, you can find it hosted at http://d-bug.mooo.com/reboot/Example_Code/tilemaps/tilemap.html.

Feel free to use this in your own games. We will make more code available shortly.

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