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Message started by Marcer_ on 22.10.09 at 15:03:29

Title: remove my account
Post by Marcer_ on 22.10.09 at 15:03:29
its a pity to see arguments of my work. and cant answer back coz of locked. maybe it was locked since it was off topic?

If not.. well what need to have my account here.
btw. I didnt charge for work or content. I charged for my dvd. for the hardware & shipping. im not that rich as some others seems to be and can share for free..

But again..

I nearly feel.. this may be my last visit here..

Title: Re: remove my account
Post by Shw on 22.10.09 at 18:29:09

please feel free to continue the discussion in anew thread.... it was locked because it doesn't really have much to do with the original thread . . ie Galahad's new batch of cracks.


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