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Message started by ggn on 06.11.09 at 13:06:19

Title: Email sent 5th November 2009
Post by ggn on 06.11.09 at 13:06:19

I'm one of the ungrateful gits who have been slowly leeching away at 
your CD200 rar files ( even though I've missed a few.. just hope that 
I can grab them at a later point, even if that means waiting till next 
Christmas! ) so on behalf of all us unwashed swines who don't deserve 
it, I just wanted to say thanks for all the great work you've done on 
the ST :)

DBUG and Automation provided me with a mass of games to play while I 
was growing up, and had little money to spare on anything much... this 
spurned on my interest in games, how they were made and everything, 
which has ended up with me actually working in the Games Industry now. 
So I personally thank you for that... could've ended up burger 
flipping at McDonald's or something instead!

It'd be selfish of me to say "keep up the good work," so instead, I'll 
suggest that you all deserve a well earned rest :)

Thanks for the memories!
(Name not shown as per author's wishes)

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