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Message started by banditos on 09.11.09 at 20:19:01

Title: Re: Personal wish list for X-MAS
Post by thorsten_guenther on 19.12.09 at 18:28:02
OK, I wrote this also in atari-forum.com: I'd like to see a version of Wanderer that is patched for red/cyan 3D glasses, as the original blue/red can't be bought anywhere (there's only cardboard ones in red/blue that can be worn inside-out) and is of low quality (cardboard/foil). Red/cyan is available in many different shapes - in cardboard and plastic (with resin glasses) or even as clip-ons for optical glasses - making gameplay much easier on my eyes and hopefully allowing more players to play this fun game.

Ah yes, I uploaded the Pasti some days ago to atari-forum.com.

EDIT: a green/magenta patch would be as nice as red/cyan (the same colour pattern is used for Coraline and Monsters vs. Aliens on DVD and also for some crap DVDs I dare not to mention, but I guess there'll be more to come).


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