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Message started by ggn on 18.11.09 at 20:15:34

Title: Re: Online games (and whatnot)!
Post by ggn on 17.03.10 at 07:17:12
Droplet 2

A cheery well pixelled game! It involves your sprite getting from the top of the map to the bottom as quickly as possible and collecting as much heart icons as it can. The introduction of platforms and enemies makes this challenging and fun.

Interesting tidbits: The makers are called "Team Photon Storm", and in their intro animation you get a black screen writing that and a buzztone playing in the background - all references to Yak's Photon Storm I assume ;). Also, one level's name reminds of the uber weapon name in Xenon 2! Finally, you get a collectable the same shape as a CX-40!


droplet.jpg ( 56 KB | Downloads )

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