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Message started by ggn on 18.11.09 at 20:15:34

Title: Re: Online games (and whatnot)!
Post by ggn on 17.03.10 at 08:09:19

Heavy Stylus wrote on 16.03.10 at 09:50:41:
This isn't so much an online game, but rather a 'whatnot' ;)

This little game by one of my favourite PC developers was released on the weekend (in both PC and XBOX360 flavours). It's a short, fixed length shooter that dynamically changes difficulty depending on how well you play, and no game ever plays exactly the same. Considering it's a one man effort, the music, visuals and game mechanics are all really high quality.

Quite inspirational design, and great fun too :)

Well worth the 4 or whatever it costs.

Colour me impressed! Will prolly buy it at some point!

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