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Message started by ggn on 18.11.09 at 20:15:34

Title: Re: Online games (and whatnot)!
Post by ggn on 13.05.10 at 20:29:43
Rocket bike to space

So I was checking some entries from Ludum Dare 17, which is basically game creation in 48 hours (the theme is announced and then you got 2 days to finish your game, at whatever state it's in). Going thru the endless tower defense clones that people submitted, I came across this little diamond here :).

Another cool 1-button game, this has you jumping with the bike across platforms, picking up items optionally and hitting stars for checkpoints. There is a neat moment around the middle of the game, but I'm going to let you discover it yourself. Graphics are quite brilliant and for 48 hours, I don't think this can get any better!

Go on, press the (up) button!


P.S. the online version didn't have any sounds, so I recommend this for soundtrack: http://youtube.com/watch?v=oHyye6ADYYA :)

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