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Message started by RA_pdx on 20.11.09 at 07:04:46

Title: Re: Who needs a MOD? Help is in sight!
Post by yerzmyey on 20.11.09 at 09:59:56
I finally managed to register. ;)

Well, if I unserstand correctly the rule "Maximum packed filesize is 160kB" then probaly I couldn't help because these MODs themselves are much bigger (over 200Kb usually), so I'm sorry. :(

About the chiptunes, I don't propose any because - although I have several SNHD songs - but they're standard YM tunes only, no SidSound at all, so it's rather not very 'contemporary'. ;) Unless somebody made a totally old-school designed screen. ;)

Anywayz. I'll watch the mega-demo with pleasure after all, so I can't wait to see it released. ;)


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