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Message started by Marskilla on 14.05.10 at 15:24:12

Title: Re: STQUIZZ
Post by Marskilla on 15.05.10 at 11:20:05

ggn wrote on 14.05.10 at 22:41:06:
Ok, I've looked at the vid!

But, if you can have the text with the questions and data as external files, the game can be expanded easily, so many more people can help!

Indeed, that's the idea... The questions specs are defined (theme, points, 2 question lines, answer 1, answer 2, answer 3, answer 4, good answer, image x1, image y1, image x2, image y2).

As a matter of fact the question editor is done. It uses STOS SQUASHER to compress the memory banks and save them. It can also print the questions to help to organize the existing question.

But it's not a finished product, just a devlopping utility :

The idea is to have a memory bank included in the exectuable (for the executable being playbale stand alone) then to release few questions files and then to produce a more elaborated question creation tools.

The games should be able to pick a random existing question bank.

Christos wrote on 15.05.10 at 00:14:34:
Yeah! I'd love to make a physics quiz out of this!

Well, there will be many categories those so far : movies, video games, geometry, music, litterature...

I'l try to think about physics questions...  ;D

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