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Message started by Heavy Stylus on 20.05.10 at 08:19:26

Title: Re: Graphics Rip Request (for pc remake) - Please Help
Post by Heavy Stylus on 16.07.10 at 12:18:30
Well mate, from what i saw of the latest r0x zer0 last night, i think we are well on the way :)

Spent all morning (at work) coding the wave tool on my netbook.  In addition to displaying the wave in action, it will also display start x/y co-ords, x and y speeds/trajectories, start delay and sprite index for each drone on screen per wave - although I have all the values here anyway so it will be easy for me to forward them on. ;)

Do you want the wave pattern displayed by the tool to repeat until you press space (then start the next one)?

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