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Message started by MitchFrenzal on 18.01.11 at 20:53:16

Title: Wizkid walkthrough, (One that works too!)
Post by MitchFrenzal on 18.01.11 at 20:53:16
You will find attached here, The guide to Wizkid I wrote just so people can work out why the cheat doesn't work 100% :)

Although it seems to have screwed the formatting up, Just select all and copy it to notepad or something. :)

I've realised how I did that, I typed it on a horrible laptop on notepad, (Not wordpad, like I thought. That would have formatted it correctly.)
Wizguide.txt (Attachment deleted)

Title: Re: Wizkid walkthrough, (One that works too!)
Post by ggn on 19.01.11 at 19:47:05
Forum-ized ;)

(In slight connection with D-Bug) MitchFrenzal presents.......

A proper walkthrough to Senisble's/Ocean's.. Wizkid

1. Foreword

I only really bothered doing this because every other guide i've seen you can't finish stage four correctly. (And also it may shine some light on the "bug" i reported.)

2. Stuff we should know beforehand

This is not going to be a long section, 2 things you need to know.

  • 1. The star "cheat"

    In the shop (after you collect all the notes.) you have the option of buying another star of energy. Not much to know there right? Wrong, if you already have five stars and buy the extra star, it *gives* you the value of the star rather than taking it away. This can come in useful other than the fact it doesn't work on stage nine (where you could really use it.)

  • 2. The secret rooms

    I really don't know much about this other than someone told me about it years ago and that I read how it works in another guide, if you really want to know about it read the other guides. But I can tell you how to get there. In stage one, release the notes then buy the token, drop down the well and into the mens toilet then use the token on the condom machine, you'll float to another screen with a ladies and gents, Go into the gents and you'll land in a screen that *looks* exactly the same (it's not.) There's an invisible door to the right of the screen if you find and go through that. You'll end up in a room looking simlar to the last two apart from it says "Secret Room Number Zero." How it works from there is up to you (There is another guide that goes into this, but I'd only be cribbing if i stole that and wrote it here.)

  • 3. You can't take it with you

    Your money doesn't carry between stages (apart from nine to ten, more on that later.)

Anyway, Time for the actual walkthrough.

Before we start. First one to PM me on the D-Bug site saying "I can do it just by warping from 1 to X to X.." You can't.. To see the ending you have to play *every* stage. (because you need all 8 kittens and Nifta later on.) With that in mind...

Oh. And if you finish a stage early, when the kitten appears. Don't get it! The stage will start again (Took me a while, that one. More useful than you think.)


Catch all the notes and exit to body mode(Buying all the items when you get there (See "Star Cheat" above.)) , Use the crank on the well by jumping on it or jumping so you hit your head on it. (get the bubbles if you want to.) Then use the bucket to descend, Go into the ladies and take the spiked cola off the cistern, then go into the gents. Take a slash in each urinal until you find the one that leaks. When you find it go back to the bucket and jump in it. The water will float you back to the surface and out of the well. Then ring the bell on the branch. A door will appear. Knock on that and an angry dog on the bog will answer (According to an interview I once read with Sensible, It's a reference to something one of them said about the Ocean rep.) Wait for the door to close again and use the newspaper you bought on the letterbox. This now distracts the dog so you can get past it. Once there pick up the weight and head toward the top corner of the room, There's a couple of pressure pads around that you have to drop them on. (I forget where they are right now.) But when you have done that, a button will appear. Press that and the concrete Spanish donkey will appear (Interview again, don't ask.) Go to the top corner again and jump so you hit your head on the ceiling, it will bounce so do it again until it flips over then jump through the gap and on to the donkey. Use the carrot on a stick and the donkey will take you to another screen. (Of which it will throw you across.) When you land near the "Oxygum" machine. Use the token and the first kitten will appear on the nearest lollipop. Pick the kitten up and then fall into the water. One kitten down, and on to..........


Catch all the notes and go to body mode, buy the fishbone key and the red specs, Then with the screen in the red colour. Stand on the first shield on the ship then jump to the fifth (In one jump!). This will change the hue of the colour of the screen so if you are wearing the specs, You'll be able to see the door on the left. Use the wishbone key on the door. Take the kitten and on to.....


(Note to Shw.. This is the first stage the cheat has trouble with. More details later.)

To finish this stage all you really have to do is finish all the rounds and pick up the kitten. But that would be too easy, right? Yes. There's a few items that we need here. So collect the notes and go to body mode and buy the red specs again. (make sure you have either 2 or 4 stars of energy left.) Then go through the door on the far right. You'll land on a ledge with a red diamond on, get that and then drop into the lava and pick up the asteroid ship. Then exit the screen to the right (The lava not killing you is a joke on Pearl Jam's "Evenflow" (Interview again. There's also a reference to it in the manual.)) Get the extra life (Sonic The Hedgehog reference, anyone?) Then go back up and finish the stage. Get the third kitten and on to....


(This stage is a right bastard, If you have save states. Now is the time ;) )

Collect all the notes and earn enough money to buy the bonbon and the scarf. Stand on the tree and use the scarf when the 'plane turns up. Fly the plane off the first screen then carefully fly it so you can take the cross off the steeple (Be careful, I lost about three lives missing that on "research" for this.) Then fly off the bottom of the screen. Jump on the tree stump and enter it. This will take you to the "Sensible Softpawn" (Even I don't know that reference.) (If you can. Save state now!). Trade with the clown until he drinks the spiked cola. (Use the lucky dip to get the items you don't have.)

Right. Important bit now.. Before you leave this screen you should have..

- Spade
- Match
- Cross
- And the Red and Blue Diamonds, (also the asteroid ship, but i'm unsure that is in your inv.)

Get back on the lift and the (now wrecked) clown will press the wrong button, sending you downwards. Walk along that room until the "use" icon appears then use the spade. Get the fourth kitten and on to.....


(SHW! This is also worth looking at in relation to Vap's cheat ;) )

This is easy, Helped by the fact that you can't die. (See SHW?) Although you *have* to die to get the kitten. (I've never tested Vap's cheat on this stage. I'm betting it probably doesn't work.) Collect all the notes and then buy any secret screen. Once there don't kill the baddie. Go carefully touch the bombs so they drop on you. They will take one of your stars away each time (Or not, SHW!) Until you die. You'll turn into a ghost and enter the grave. Use the cross from the church on the vampire and head right. Get the fifth kitten and on to......


Remember Wizball? Shoot everything that moves then get the sixth kitten.


Collect the notes then buy the mouse, the cheese, the TNT and the sharp pin. Put the mouse on the seesaw then give it the cheese, Then pop it with the pin. Jump off the platform onto the seesaw to send the weight flying into the trampoline, making a hole in it. Jump down the hole then time your next jump to get the green diamond. (This can take a while. I'll go make the tea.) When you have the diamond use the TNT and then the match on the cannon then get in it, you'll get the seventh kitten on the way to....


Techically you can just finish this stage. But there's something we want here, So collect all the notes and go to body mode. Then when Dog-girl snarls jump in her mouth. This will cause Wizkid to wake up from a nightmare. Bounce on the bed twice and a yellow diamond will appear get that and exit right from the room, then finish the stage to get the eighth kitten and on to.....


(Remember the "Star Cheat" Doesn't work on this stage!)

Collect the notes and then buy the tin opener. Use the opener on the turtle and then use the diamonds on the correctly coloured orbs, This will give you a lot of cash (You'll see why we carted those diamonds around for that in a moment.) Then complete the rounds as normal. Rather than a kitten at the end. You'll get a key. Use that key to rescue Nifta. (The cat from Wizball, Remember?) at this point If you don't have all eight kittens and Nifta. You won't make it before Zark shuts the door to...


(Save state now! Also SHW.. If we could cheat on this bit... :P )

Once you get inside the castle. Zark says if you can beat his highscore on wizeroids, he'll let your parents go. Each credit costs $250 though (Ever glad you carted those diamonds around?) Also if you managed to get the asteroids ship from Stage 3 you get an extra life on each credit. All(?) you have to do is beat the highscore (It's usually around 60k. It seems to change from game to game.) and Zark will let Wiz go. Which means you've finished the game. Well done!


I'd like to thank.. D-Bug (SHW, CJ, GGN, WAS/VAP/HOT-KNIFE And DUBMOOD), Klaz (Liked your Cosmic Pirate!) Sensible Software, All the people who noticed that Vap's cheat didn't help (Much), SHW again for the HD version, Vap for the original crack/pack/trainer, Reboot for Superfly DX, and pretty much everyone on the D-Bug forum. (Unless you happen to speak Serbian and do botch-job fixes ;) ) Oh! and all members of the groups i followed back then, Automation, The BBC, etc, etc repeat to fade.......(And those I forgot, I'm sure I'll soon be hearing about it. :) (But seriously. Thanks everyone!))


This document may be published by anyone if they have permission from either me or any member of D-Bug (Yes, guys. You can have it.) As long as you don't change it (Unless you're correcting my grammar or fixing the typos I've missed ;) ) Other than that I'm fairly easy with what you do with it (Nice doggie..)

Finally finished 18/01/11 07:52 somewhere in Zurich. (don't ask..)

Thank you and good morning..


PS. Suggestions for the cheat mode fix....

Maybe we could just have two trainers, One for the lives and one for the energy, that would fix the stage 3 and 5 problem. And if someone could mess with wizeroids, I'd be very thankful. ;)

Title: Re: Wizkid walkthrough, (One that works too!)
Post by ggn on 19.01.11 at 19:50:15
And by the way, well done Mitch - I've only completed this bastard once, and I used a guide on STF for some of the tricky bits :)

Title: Re: Wizkid walkthrough, (One that works too!)
Post by MitchFrenzal on 19.01.11 at 20:14:27
Thanks for the re-format GG, It needed that. If I can think of anything else I can help with, I'll get to that too. ;)

Also, "2 things you need to know" And then I list 3! Tchhh.

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