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Message started by Phill on 12.04.12 at 09:27:56

Title: Re: Either a force relocation packer or a routine to relocate
Post by Phill on 14.04.12 at 11:50:05

Shw wrote on 14.04.12 at 10:29:03:
Me again

Regarding the music.... I helped Mr Styckx convert many ST tunes to his MYST

See aminet "MYST_Data_1.lha"

the music is by Fred Gray, I'm not sure if it's one of the tune we converted, but if not I'm sure I'll be able to convert it to MYST (if my A1200 still boots), basically all it usually involves is redirecting the writes to the YM2149 to set data regs for the Miggy to handle.

Anyway let us know.

sndh.atari.org Maintainer

Yeah, be glad of the help, I know nothing of th YM chip, so any pointers will be useful, as i've got zero intentions of Amiga'fying this game other than simply getting it working and running on Amiga.

GGN's reloc routine was just the ticket, now got all the memory space I need for the Amiga screen and copperlist and all going well, all the code needed to actually run it in its original 512k setup.

At the moment i'm doing all the work using WHDLoad, as thats handy for address errors popping up due to accessing ST custom registers.

So sure, any YM related help will be much appreciated.

Its not much of a tune in the game, but its more to do with the sound fx as at key points in the game, certain sound effects trigger that are vital to progressing in the game (knowing when to move etc).

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