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Message started by ggn on 13.04.12 at 08:14:13

Title: Announcement, rules, etc.
Post by ggn on 13.04.12 at 08:14:13
The Automation CD Menu release Board

1. What's it all about?

Well, it's no big secret that we've been working on the Automation DVD since the dawn of time. As you can imagine, progress has been really slow on this due to various reasons from members (real life, patching games, writing new games etc etc etc etc). We still intend to release it at some point, but we thought we'd do something in the meantime...

2. Remember D-Bug menu #200?

I bet most of you cringed! So many weeks of waiting to download a big archive in parts, which was encrypted, and the password was given with the last archive :). It was rather sadistic, but people had fun with it nevertheless! The main reason for doing that was that we didn't want people read the news somewhere, turn on LEECH MODE, download it and then forget its existence. Anyway, we thought we'd do something similar to that, but with some differences that will (hopefully) make it even more fun for people.

3. Release format

It'll be quite simple really. We'll release a menu each time a single game gets reviewed on this sub-forum! That's right, we'll pick a menu, then a game off that menu, write a review and woosh - the menu will get released!

4. Some rules

Although I hope there won't be big problems, I should establish some ground rules:

  • The menus will be released in ascending order: This is mostly to avoid people starting topics of the same menus that contain the favorites and then creating duplicates and add more work for the mods (i.e. us!). Let's start at menu 0, end at 512, okay?
  • Only moderators will be able to create new threads: This is mainly to enforce the above point. When we feel that the current menu has a decent write-up, we'll release it and move on to the next.
  • If you want to see the contents of each menu, you can use our search engine, or take a look here.
  • As each menu is released, the link to the disk images will work and you'll be able to download it.
  • If possible, include a screenshot of the game: Not necessary I suppose, but nice! Also, you'll show us you care about the game :).
  • Do NOT rip reviews off other sites: Self explanatory really, if we wanted ripped content, we'd not have asked for you to go into the trouble - we'd have done it ourselves!
  • Please, no 10-word reviews: "Nice game, good times, long live the 90s!" might look good to you, but not to us! Even a short paragraph that describes the game will do, as long as it describes the game.

Basically, what the above boils down to is: If you want to help, we'd be delighted, please show us you care about the menus and want them released as much as we do!

5. But it doesn't have to end there

Do you want to review another title from an already released menu? Have any good stories about it you'd like to share? Did you crack the game and remember something about it? Want to add the scroller text of the menu? Do you notice some problem with the menu and like to report? Any bad links? Want to submit missing menu screenshots? Do you have any suggestions you'd like to make or point out something we've missed? Well, join in and write :)

In the next few days we'll make a couple of threads (and release menus) just to set the style we'd like to see.

Anyway, enough pointless drivel. Hope we all have fun doing this :)

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