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Message started by MitchFrenzal on 18.04.12 at 15:45:04

Title: Automation #006
Post by MitchFrenzal on 18.04.12 at 15:45:04
Better dead than alien

A lot of people have often said to me, that I spend an enormous amount of time playing some awful games, they're right of course. But it puts me right where i need to be for this one. :)

We are talking about "Brad Zoom in : Better Dead Than Alien"

I have no idea who Brad Zoom is, so we shall leave that there. :) This is a 1(or 2) player mostly space-invaders clone with some extra bells and whistles and such. On each stage you get two space invaders style levels and then something different (A super-alien maybe, an asteroid field?) There a range of 8 power-ups that you can glean from shooting the green glowing aliens, (If I remember rightly, most of them are useless sans extra lives and shields. :) ) Every three levels you get a password so you can start from there later, (I used this option to pretty much finish this at the time.)

There are some troubles to this, The sound is awful, I mean a title tune wouldn't have cost that much, would it? Oh, that and the fact the game rewards you slightly for not firing too much, This is not what I want! I want layers of rainbow-electric death flying across the screen! That and you can shoot the blasted power-ups. It's not the best game of it's type, but I kind of enjoyed it back then, I even played it for 45 minutes getting this review together. At worst, It's worth a few minutes to see what shooters used to be like. :)
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Title: Re: Automation #006
Post by MitchFrenzal on 18.04.12 at 15:46:08
And player one always has to play in the mouse port. :(

Passwords I remembered before I logged off :


Maybe some more will come, Maybe not. :)

Title: Re: Automation #006
Post by ggn on 18.04.12 at 16:20:55

Well, this is one of the best games ever on the ST, one of the best conversions I've ever played (even surpassing the arcade version) etc. etc. But I'm sure you're aware of all this, right?


Okay, if you've been living under a stone for the past few decades, Joust is a game about kinghts in ostriches that (surprisingly enough) joust to the death. There are potentially lots of jousts happening at the same time or in very small inbetween intervals, and the only criterion that decides the outcome of each battle is the height of each ostrich. Yeah, I should mention that the ostriches fly and you control yours by the pressing of the fire button.

And, well, that's about it I suppose. There are a few specials, like a pterodactyl coming out if you take too long finishing a level, a pit of lava that you can fall into (or manipluate your enemies falling there), a mysterious hand coming out of the lava to grab any ostrich that dares come close to the lava and three types of enemies (one more difficult than the other).

Couple that with excellent game mechanics, simultaneous 2 player mode and increasing number of enemies per level, this is a real classic that provided people countless hours of fun. Me included :).

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Title: Re: Automation #006
Post by MitchFrenzal on 18.04.12 at 16:48:44
You know what's ironic? I only got into Joust about 20 years later. :)

Title: Re: Automation #006
Post by John on 22.05.19 at 13:43:58
Oi! What happened to the download! I'm tryin' to do a thing here!  [smiley=angry.gif] More details soon!  [smiley=cheesy.gif]
This is my first post. [smiley=tongue.gif] Hi.  [smiley=thumbsup.gif]

Title: Re: Automation #006
Post by ggn on 05.06.19 at 20:30:48

There you go!

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