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Message started by ggn on 18.04.12 at 16:59:05

Title: Automation #016
Post by ggn on 18.04.12 at 16:59:05

Federation of Free Traders by Gremlin Graphics, Crack by Automation

Football Manager 2 by Addictive, Crack by LSD

Screaming Wings by Red Rat, Crack by ?

Mouse Trap by Mouse Trap, Crack by Was (Not Was)

Bomb Jack by Elite, Crack by ?

Title: Re: Automation #016
Post by CJ on 21.04.12 at 01:21:33
Screaming Wings.

What to say about this game?  Red Rat Software's take on the arcade classic 1941...

Now, coming from the a8, I had great hopes for this. I loved the a8 version. It was fun, it moved well, it had good game play. Surely the ST version would be far, far better?

Oh, was I wrong.  The scrolling is clunky, the controls and movement are horrible, and the sound....  this game is the purest definition of 'how to spoil a game with samples'

The day I saw this might have been the day I realized that the ST wasn't exactly capable of everything the a8 was.

Thankfully, Mouse Trap is also on this menu! The ST version of this is much nicer than the a8!

Title: Re: Automation #016
Post by ggn on 21.04.12 at 16:59:32
Mouse trap

"EEEEeeeeeeek!". And I'm not refering to people's reaction to mice, more like people's reaction to 8bit ports :).

What can I say, I'm just really fond of single screen platform games, where just to get from start to finish is a real challenge as there's lots of precision jumping, avoiding obstacles etc. Ever since I played my first games of this genre (like Ollie's Follies) I was totally hooked! There's something about non-scrolling platform games that really pulls me in, each screen I finish I feel that I really accomplished something special because it usually takes a great amount of concentration and remembering what to do etc.

Anyway, we have here a mouse that tries to collect some vials of stuff and exit the level while avoiding pretty much everything. We have dissolving tiles, moving clouds, falling from great heights will kill you, inability to steer while in mid air, pistons that crush you and so on.

Quite tricky game, and I'm sure most will dismiss it just by looking at the screenshot, but who cares? :)
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