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Message started by ggn on 18.04.12 at 16:59:23

Title: Re: Automation #017
Post by simonsunnyboy on 22.04.12 at 09:24:33
Cybernoid is a classic for me.

The game is a port from 8bit computers, notably the Amstrad CPC.

Cybernoid is an action game. The player controls a nice looking craft around a given path of rooms to collect stolen gem stones and blast the evil space pirates. (Hint: 5000 worth of gem stones, second score, for extra life per level.) There are 4 levels and it is entirely possible to complete the game without cheating.

For the difference, there is no scrolling and the craft follows gravity. The player constantly has to fire upward thrusters to maintain height. This adds a control challenge and the players has to be witty and good at the joystick to manoever around some obstacles.

Big plant and worm like enemies obstruct the path and fire hard at the player. 5 selectable weapons are at the player's disposal and they are really needed. There is no way to complete the game without using them.

Bombs, mines, shields, bouncers and seeking missiles can be selected and their supplies can be refilled with grey pods found in the pirate's caves. (Hint: Use the F1 to F5 keys to switch the weapons, number keys 1-5 on 8Bit)

The ST version has well drawn graphics with quite some detail, good sound effects and catchy title and high score musics. The action only slows down a bit if there are a lot of bullets and sprites on screen but most of the time, the game is fair and playable.

One of my personal favourites  :)
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